Preemptive Case Management

There has been a sharp increase in recent years in the number of claims filed against employers at the labor courts. This has mainly stemmed from an employer’s inability to receive the proper information and training with respect to their obligations. Presenting the right information with respect to their duties can help to prevent lawsuits.

ZAG’s Employment and Benefits department blaze the trail with a “preemptive case management” program, ensuring that employers act in strict compliance with the provisions of labor law, and avoid unnecessary legal expenditure.

This comprehensive program includes examining the corporate structure and legal environment; the manner of engagement – personal agreements, collective agreements and expansion orders; agreements with freelancers or contractors; and the organization’s compliance with labor laws and statutes relating to minimum salary, work and rest hours, wage protection, employment of women, sexual harassment, pensions and much more.

Working closely with ZAG helps clients to preserve their time and financial resources and allows them to focus on their primary goal – the growth and success of their business.