Whether a professional club or athlete, building a strategic game plan for success demands a teammate with a forward-thinking attitude and an understanding of the complexities of the sports industry.

ZAG is that teammate.

We combine our breadth of sports knowledge, multidisciplinary resources and a global outlook to provide our athlete clients with the winning formula for which they strive throughout their career. In addition to athletes, our Sports department continues to attract an extensive roster of sports clubs, leagues, associations, centers, agents and various commercial entities involved in the world of sports – whether professional, college or amateur.

We mirror our clients’ dedication to professionalism, attention to detail and creativity with all that we do – including contracts, M&A transactions, financing, brand management, licensing, tax planning, labor, intellectual property, or real estate – to provide them with an extra competitive edge.

While our focus is on dispute prevention, should clients face litigation, we specialize in conducting legal proceedings before the internal judicial institutions of the local and international sporting associations, unions and federations.

With such a wealth of experience, our lawyers are widely respected as leading authorities in sports law, both nationally and internationally, and are well versed in all relevant case law, legislation and bylaws. Our relentless focus on providing quality advice and professional service of the highest standards is a major factor why our clients meet and exceed their own highest standards.


  • Representing  of  sports centers and associations: Hapoel Center, the Basketball Association, many Soccer clubs, ongoing legal consultation, preparing agreements, drafting opinions, representing the Center and groups acting in legal proceedings in the courts nd internal courts of the various sports associations. Both in Israel and abroad, CAS and FIFA and also abroad in FIBA ​​& BAT basketball.
  • Representing  of many sports and basketball players and coaches in all aspects of legal proceedings, including proceedings before the National Insurance Institute and hospitals, and all related to injuries.
  • Representation of agents against all legal procedures required in all relevant areas including the advertising field.