Real Estate

The real estate market in Israel is complex with unique characteristics, therefore, requires a commercial-business perspective.

Whatever the purpose is, whether purchase, sale, development or investment, our real estate team have a genuine affinity and deep knowledge of the different trends of the market, they understand the needs of all parties involved and they have extensive experience in projects of all sizes and types. They provide our clients with a comprehensive representation in all stages of the project, from the negotiation to the conclusion of the transaction.

We have an extensive experience in the area of urban renewal (“evacuation of re-establishment”, national outline – TMA 38/2/1), combination transactions, accompaniment of real estate projects consisting of hundreds of housing units, purchase groups, option transactions, Second-hand sale transactions, purchase of apartments from a contractor and more.

The team represent both contractors, developers and rights holders, allowing for a broader and more accurate view in the legal and commercial negotiations.

As part of the comprehensive legal support, the firm represents the clients before the various authorities (Israel Land Authority, local authorities, planning and construction committees, etc.), provides solutions in the tax matters (real estate taxation and income tax) and, if necessary, represents in litigation proceedings in real estate.

We offer a wide range of services and resources that provide a complete legal solution for our clients.

  • Representation of Gas-Ad in a combination deal with respect to a building for preservation in Tel Aviv, legal negotiations regarding the combination agreement with the owner’s counsel, and accompanying the project until delivery of the apartments to the buyers.
  • Representation of Herzl Hachamov & Sons Development and Construction Ltd. – TAMA Transactions 38/2 (Outline of Demolition and Rebuilding). Two buildings will be demolished and one modern building will be built. Our firm accompanies the entrepreneur throughout the process and until the delivery of the apartments to the buyers.
  • Representation of Rafael AG Ltd. and Sufrin Pandom Development Ltd. (TAMA 38/2 deals )Work on a construction evacuation agreement signed by the owners of the rights in the complex, accompaniment of the developer in the project of evacuation and construction.
  • Accompanying Amnon Gur Insurance Agency (2000) Ltd. and NCR Global Ltd. in the acquisition of office space for the Company’s headquarters.
  • Accompanying Jerusalem Residence Ltd. in purchasing real estate that serves as a nursing home for the elderly in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem.
  • Support of the Betar Association and the David Raziel Youth Village Ltd. David Raziel Youth Village Ltd.