Public Companies & Corporate Governance

The firm has extensive experience in representing public companies in Israel and abroad.

Israeli public companies and Israeli private companies traded on various stock exchanges around the world are subject to unique and comprehensive regulation which changes frequently. The increased amount of regulations and the inspection by foreign authorities (such as the SEC), requires deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the local and foreign legal systems.

Our team have extensive experience in representing Israeli companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, as well as many years of experience in accompanying Israeli companies traded on US stock exchanges.

Many of the lawyers on the team are licensed to practice law in various countries, who are well acquainted with the required legal system.

Specializing in Corporate Governance, the team provide our clients with comprehensive and professional legal advice regarding directors and fiduciary duties, shareholders and stakeholders in public companies, as well as the frequent regulatory changes.

Our clients benefit from personal, professional, comprehensive and immediate legal advice in preparing enforcement plans and advising companies on their integration and implementation, ongoing work with a company’s board of directors and various consultants, while reducing exposure to sanctions, writing procedures and ongoing legal advice in corporate governance, including structure and composition of the board committees.


  • Represented a telecommunication company in a transaction valued at $140 million in cash and stock.
  • Represented a medical cannabis company in a merger that totaled in the aggregate 3.2B Canadian dollars.
  • Represented a public biotech company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, raised public capital of NIS 9,200,000.
  • Represented  several biotech companies in publishing a prospectus in Israel, which allows the company to raise money under the same issue in the US and Israel as a dual company.
  • Also the firm accompanied companies in a public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
  • Represented company in a share purchase agreement with private investors.
  • Represented  a company in four different Public Offerings at an aggregate amount of 4$ Million.
  • Represented  a company in raising capital through a private placement to several investors.
  • Represented a large number of Israeli companies listed on the NASDAQ.
  • Represented  an automotive company in  regulatory process.
  • Represented a biotech company in  a Series A financing.
  • Represented a pharmaceutical company in a Reverse IPO.
  • Represented a company in acquisition on a private Israeli company, acquiring a company un exchange for equity in another company.
  • Represented  several Hi- tech company in prospectus supplement which was filed with the SEC prior to the consummation of the public offering.
  • Represented  a Hi- tech company in a public offering of ADS.
  • Represented several  Lead Placement Agents, underwriter counsels and private investors.

The SEC Pulse

The SEC Pulse provides updates and commentary from our Capital Markets Group on issues affecting publicly traded and privately owned businesses, investment banks and foreign companies who trade or raise capital in the United States, and boards of directors and company officers in securities transactions and corporate governance matters.

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