The successful resolution of disputes is always a pressing matter for businesses or individuals who find themselves in litigation. Tact, diplomacy, negotiation and resilience are as essential as the substantive knowledge itself.

With a special expertise in commercial litigation, large-scale local and international arbitrations, mediation proceedings and a variety of administrative proceedings, our Litigation team provides the most professional and in-depth service to protect the client’s assets and good name in the legal proceedings.

Over the years the firm has achieved many successes in negotiating and resolving large scale disputes, in a wide range of commercial and financial aspects, concerning Israeli and international corporates.

Whether high stakes litigation or the potential to become so, we bring an enviable track record in negotiating and settling a broad array of complex commercial and financial disputes, domestically and abroad. From high-profile securities and class actions litigation to intellectual property and employment disputes, our lawyers know how to quickly and effectively settle a case so that clients can return to what they do best: running their business.

  • Represented Dorad in a multi-million dollar dispute with East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG), which is one of the big suppliers of natural gas in the Middle East. Dorad has claims against EMG for breach of Gas Supply contract, by which EMG was supposed to supply gas to Dorad’s power station in Ashekelon.
  • Represented a group of Dan shareholders in a principal claim (38-124-08-15) against officers and the controlling shareholders of Dan with respect to large scale transactions and a demand to repay to Dan amounts in excess of 100 million Shekels. The proceedings ended recently in a settlement agreement.
  • Represented the World Likud in two separate appeals filed by different members of the movement regarding the organizational and financial conduct of the movement. One of the appeals was filed by the former mayor of the city of Eilat, Mr. Gabriel Kadosh.
  • Represented Bynet in both petitions brought by Tadiran and by Bezeq International. The petitions were denied in the District Court (11355.06.16, 30895.06.16), as well as the Supreme Court (in appeals submitted by Bezeq international and Tadiran – 1473.17, 1772.17).
  • Represented AVBA in a dispute with Westerwood Global – an Irish company, with respect to a transaction from 2010 in which AVBA sold its holdings in an Israeli partnership called EMA Israel. The Plaintiff, Westerwood Global, claims that it is entitled to a portion of the consideration paid to AVBA in that transaction, an amount of approximately $2M (24208.04.14).
  • Represented several companies from the AVBA Group in a lawsuit filed by the accounting firm that provided accounting services to the group until 2006. The lawsuit ended in a settlement agreement in which AVBA is required to pay about a third of the claimed sum (7505.09.13).
  • Represented Little Prince in a Class Action in the District Court of Haifa (57748.05.16) with claimed damages of Millions of Shekels. The Class Action contains claims about alleged defects in feeding cups (Sippy Cups) that are distributed by Little Prince and manufactured under the brand name “Tommee Tippee”.
  • Represented the senior South African businessman, Mr. Theo Rothstein, in several legal disputes regarding multi-million Shekels worth of property in Israel (case numbers 13155-04-17 / 17879-02-17 / 31346-03-17 / 55193-02-17)).
  • Represented Jerusalem Residence Ltd.  – Real estate company   in a dispute about a multi-million Shekels worth of property in Jerusalem (case number 49245-05-17).
  • Represented Mr. Reichman in legal proceedings in the District Court of Tel Aviv (case number 16585-12-14) in a complexed claim that included causes such as infringement of minority rights, imposing a BMBY mechanism on the counter-part, and more. The final verdict was given on February 2017.