Alcobra Ltd.

12.09.2017 | NASDAQ

The International team counseled Alcobra Pharma Ltd in a Reverse IPO with Arcturus Therapeutics Inc. (“Arcturus”) .

Advocates Shy Baranov, Itamar Mei-Zahav and Boaz Shiffman of our Tel Aviv office, and Partners Mitchell C. Stein, Howard Berkenblit and Douglas Stransky from our US offices, advised and represented the Alcobra Pharma Ltd.  (which is currently a registered company in Israel and traded on Nasdaq) in its reverse IPO merger with Arcturus Therapeutics Inc. (“Arcturus”) at a transaction valued at $117,000,000.

Alcobra Pharma Ltd. is an emerging pharmaceutical company focused on the development of new medications to treat CNS and cognitive disorders.

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