Tomer Raif

Partner & Managing Director Tel Aviv


Tomer Raif is a partner and heads the firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution department, with a specialization in a variety of legal services in the field of civil, commercial, and administrative litigation. These include proceedings and petitions before all instances of the Israeli jurisprudence system, as well as representing parties in arbitration and mediation.

Clients benefit from Tomer’s extensive experience in relation to tenders, advising on all stages of the tender process from preliminary stages all the way to filing administrative appeals on behalf of leading commercial companies to the Administrative Court, as well as defending winning bids against challenges to the results of the tender.

In complex class actions, Tomer has substantial experience in representing corporations facing issues in consumer law, banking, communications, and food standardization in Israel. He represents leading corporations (including various nonprofits) and individuals in administrative appeals as well as appeals to the Israeli High Court of Justice, involving administrative, tenders, and local authorities’ laws.

Tomer advises some of the most prominent companies in the Israeli market, as well as international companies, shareholders and management, from the initial stages of conflict until its final resolution by judgment or settlement.

Tomer also provides pro-bono legal services, including defending human rights and representing various voluntary organizations, such as “Access Israel.” The voluntary activity includes bringing class action claims and appeals to the High Court of Justice. This activity has led to significant legal achievements with respect to the rights of people with disabilities in Israel.

Representative Client Work

  • Representing Ness Technologies Group in various litigation cases, including multi-million shekels legal proceedings in the field of tenders.
  • Representing Rad-Bynet Group in various tenders, including conducting multi-million shekels legal proceedings in the field of tenders.
  • Representing the medical technology company Weinmann Israel Ltd., an Israeli subsidiary wholly owned by the Weinmann Group, founded in Germany in 1874 (Weinmann Geräte für Medizin Gmbh) in tenders for the supply of medical equipment to health organizations and hospitals in Israel.
  • Representing  The Northern Theater Ltd. that operates the largest Theater in the north of Israel, in various class actions.
  • Representing Little Prince Ltd. in a Class Action lawsuit relating to infant products.
  • Representing Hamashbir Lazarchan department store chain in various class actions.
  • Representing  directors in the collapse of the Israeli Trade Bank, in multi-million shekels legal proceedings filed against them by the bank’s liquidators.
  • Representing directors and officers in various claims, in multi-million shekels claims filed against them by functionaries and execution officers appointed by the courts (liquidators / receivers, etc.).
  • Representing The World Likud Movement in various petitions held in the Likud court.
  • Representing the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth in multi-million shekels complex legal proceedings relating to land rights in the north.
  • Representing Beitar leadership and Beitar Youth Movements in various legal proceedings relating to Beitar youth movement.
  • Representing the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Danny Danon, in various proceedings in the Likud Court and in the High Court of Justice while serving as a Member of Knesset and Chairman of the Likud Movement assembly.
  • Representing EL AL pilots in a fundamental high-profiled petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice regarding EL AL’s previous status as a “public fund”.
  • Representing physicians in residency in the high-profiled petition that was submitted with respect to the decision of the National Labor Court regarding the collective resignation of physicians and their struggle over the terms of their employment;
  • Representing large companies in complex litigation cases that raise complex legal issues in all areas of civil law;
  • Representing international companies in litigation cases before various Israeli courts.
  • Representing Access Israel, a leading  organization in the field of accessibility for the disabled people, in numerous petitions submitted to the Israeli High Court of Justice and to the Administrative Court regarding the promotion of the accessibility rights of people with disabilities in Israel;
  • Representing of the Association for Rett Syndrome in a petition to the High Court of Justice regarding the introduction of new medical technology and medication at reduced prices.
  • Representing the Beit Or Aviva Association in various administrative petitions relating to the promotion of the activities that the Association is conducting for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug and Alcohol addicts.